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Two Poems

March 13, 2018

These two poems are by Raphael Rubinstein. He was a critic-in-residence during my first semester of graduate school. I had known he was a poet then, but never got around to reading his poems until now. I found these two this morning while browsing the Brooklyn Rail. They really moved me. 






It's true: I don't


even know what,


you taste like,


knowledge my tongue


-- alternately swimming


in the bubbling condensation


of desire and


dry with fear of


what temple-collapsing


chaos would ensue


if it did touch you


--doesn't have. 


Yet there's so much


I already know:


The list of traumas


physical conditions


and terrible failings


you have handed to me


and to which I have 


so poorly replied with 


any catalogue of my own 


unscrubbable blemishes.


But your point was 


how little any of 


that matters


next to the


other kind of fact 


that would be 


added to our mutual list 


only at the moment


delayed daily


with ever-increasing




of contact. 







telling you what I think about the Joselit essays


telling you if I've heard Yo La Tengo's album Painful


and which track is my favorite


and whether we can make another poem-painting


and why I like 60's figurative painting


and not the Leipzig school. 




I've never heard Painful


but I have a feeling that space


will soon open up for a listening session,


songs ferrying the meaning of its title


directly into me, 


songs I haven't yet heard,


songs or what they represent,


the seizing emotions they're tagged with,


that I haven't listened to for a very long time. 




Songs I haven't listened to for a very long time.


not because I didn't have the time 


but because I didn't want


to listen to an album titled Painful.




Now I have the time to tell you


what I think about that, 


except that I can't tell you. 







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